Musician list CIAP 2015

Musicians available for the main band…

Bass: Zach Smith, Jeremy Marozeau (mostly jazz), Dan Gnasia
Guitar: Chris Brown, Ian Bruce (jazz and rock), Ed Overstreet, Dan Gnasia, John Galvin, Joe Crew
Drums: Josh Stohl, Dan Gnasia
Keyboard: Tobias Weissberger, Dan Gnasia
Vocals: Bas van Dijk, Ed Overstreet, Chris Brown, Deborah Colesa

Other performers:
Jay Rubinstein (short solo acoustic guitar set)
Matt Winn (short solo guitar set)
Ward Drennan (jazz/Dixieland set with UW trio)
Tom Francart (would like to sing a couple of Leonard Cohen Songs)
Matt Goupell (would like to sing and maybe play rhythm guitar on a couple of songs)
House band (John Galvin, Joe Crew, Josh Stohl, David Landsberger, Ning Zhou + others) – probably good for ~30 minutes

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