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The page for CIAP 2009 can be found here: CIAP 2009
I've added some tunes I recall going well last time -
Omission probably just means I forgot what we played - please add others you recall well - Andy

[BAS: I liked 'fly me to the moon' I normally do not sing jazz but if people have ideas I would like to try a couple of other jazz tunes, I also liked our version of 'Sunny']

The list

The slows
Stormy Monday Blues (Bas vocal and harmonica)
Hallelujah (Tom vocal)
Suzanne (Tom vocal)
Take This Waltz (Tom vocal)

Mustang Sally (Bas vocal)
Knock on Wood (see sheet music on Andy's ftp site)
Midnight hour (ditto)

General Rockpop
Come Together (Bas vocal)
Johnny be good
Sunny (Bas vocal)
Proud Mary (Bas vocal)


Summertime - Gershwin - sheet music here: for piano, guitar etc.
Ritva can sing this

Moondance - Van Morrison (Bas) - Sheet music now on Andy's ftp site

More suggestions from Andy hopefully for Bas to sing
Money (as by Beatles)
Black Magic Woman
My Babe (Little Walter)
Georgia on my mind
Shaking all over (Johhny Kidd and Pirates)
One of this Bo Diddley rhythym tunes - not fade away, who do you love etc
Memphis Tennessee (Long Distance Information) (Chuck Berry)

I (Andy) think it would be fun to do May the Circle be Unbroken - perhaps with Tom as main vocal

And if we need some bluesy tunes that are a little distinctive perhaps
Born under a bad sign
Walking all by myself
Work Song

And last time Ed sang a few tunes - among them Spooky whcih I think worked really wekk

Indiana/Donna Lee - Featuring Ward Drennan and band
Mandeville - a 3 chord township style piece by Paul Motion - Andy will bring music
I have the 3 Hal Leonard Real books and the 3 Sher New Real books as pdfs on my laptop - so
we could work from any of that stuff that we know (Andy)


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